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It’s Not to Late to Donate

This year, more than ever, students are in need of school supplies. We all know why! Let’s face it, as a kid, going back to school is a big deal and in a Childs mind their clothes and school supplies are weighing heavy on the mind. Especially for the older kids.

You can help us support The Education Foundation of Palm Beach County by participating in their Red Apple Supplies Drive. You can drop your donations off at the Greater Palm Beach County Chamber of Commerce at 401 N. Flagler Drive in West Palm Beach. On Thursday, August 12th the Women in Business Committee will be meeting to assemble the supplies into backpacks from 12:00pm – 1:00pm.

Any amount of donation is greatly appreciated. Just for $10 you can shop at Wal-Mart and get 6 bottles of glue, 6 packs of crayons, 6 packs of note cards and 6 composition books. If you cannot spare $10 then for $5 get those items in quantities of 3.

To give you an idea of how badly school supplies are needed, a fellow blogger This Florida Mom who is also a teacher, only typically receives half of what is needed. Therefore, she has to go and purchase the additional supplies herself. She just recently purchased 60 notebooks. She needs 160 but the kids just don’t show up with what they need.

If we all pitch in, we can get the teachers what they need and make all of the kids HAPPY to have a new set of crayons or even better a backpack. If you are able, send in extra supplies with your children to give to the teacher – one pack of paper – anything will help.

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