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Fun times at the Game of Axes

Axe throwing isn’t just for lumberjack competitions anymore! For us, axe throwing is a game of fun more than it is skill. In our quest for fun, we ventured to Game of Axes in Boynton Beach, Florida. Game of Axes is a fun, laid back axe throwing bar where participants can drink and throw axes at targets for fun or competition.

Axe throwing is a hot, new trend sweeping across the nation. It’s actually not as scary as it looks. Axe throwing bars have spread rapidly over the past few years, with professional leagues forming everywhere. Axe throwing is the new bowling! Actually, in my opinion, axe throwing is more enjoyable than bowling. After a short clinic on proper form, we were cut loose to release our inner lumberjack.

“Hurling a deadly weapon at a target was somewhat liberating; actually exciting.”

Before I knew it , I was making the kill shot and felt like a total bad ass. However, the bad ass feeling quickly subsided when I wasn’t able to make clutch! Clutch is the rare 7 point 5″ circle target that must be called loudly, for all to know you aren’t going for anything but the Clutch. With that being said, the point structure and rules are pretty meticulous. But, when you’re not keeping score none of that matters.

I encourage everyone to head over to their local axe throwing establishment and cut loose. Axe throwing is an experience everyone should try. Who knows, you might decide you love throwing deadly weapons and turn pro!

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