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Capital One Cafe is Truly about Community

If you are fortunate enough to have a Capital One Cafe in your area, run over, enjoy a coffee and set up an account in minutes. They offer everything a typical bank offers and more!

Upon arriving at the Capital One Cafe in West Palm Beach, Florida I was greeted with a friendly Welcome, sitting down and opening an account over a cappuccino which I received at 50% off because of having a Capital One Card.

The space is truly about “community” offering community work spaces, wifi, a cafe, games, finance seminars and much more! I feel like a member of a Capital One society. A community within a community. The only unfortunate thing is there are not many branches outside of larger size cities. Hopefully, that will change soon. And, if you are visiting in an area that has a Capital One Cafe and need a place to “work”, stop in for a coffee and work on their public wifi. It is not just for people who bank with them.

In South Florida Capital One Cafes are located in West Palm Beach, Rosemary Square and in Delray Beach on Atlantic Avenue. Maybe I will see you there!

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